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weliconBoard Of Directors

Bionext Pharma is a home for people of various diversities coming together, sharing together and working together for building blocks of our company. Our Company promoters are Qualified, Experienced, Visionary and Responsible key personnel.


Mr. Prashant Desai
Mr. Manoj Desai
Prashant-Desai Manoj-Desai
Experience: Automobiles & Pharmaceuticals Experience: Surface Treatments & Pharmaceuticals
Core Competancies: Finance & Core
Business Development.
Competencies: Venture Planning / Execution & Marketing.

“We started Bionext Pharma in the year 2008 with limited resources but unlimited enthusiasm and hard work to back it up. With right know how and market awareness, we launched this mission of manufacturing quality drugs with uncompromising quality and affordable economy. The additional fall out of the mission was creating a few more jobs in this competitive market  while shaping a healthy and progressive nation.

Equipped with technical knowhow and supported by staff  well experienced in the Pharmaceutical Industry, we gathered a small but effective team who helped Bionext Pharma achieve a respectable market position in a short span. Over the years, our mission has gathered momentum with added infrastructure , more R&D and stronger team. Our resolve has grown stronger with the ever growing positive support from our clients. Slowly but surely we have established our presence locally and now aim going globally.

As we start our journey through 2013 , we look at the turn of the decade and see ourselves leading the industry as we face the challenges fearlessly and maintain our focus.

We can actually see today what we want to see ten years from now… “