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weliconCorporate Citizenship

Rural Development Society .....A Commitment to Human Development!

manu1Bionext Pharma understands that only making profit should not be the sole purpose of any enterprise. Therefore we are not only involved in manufacturing and making the medicines available to the masses but also making a difference to society at large and rural areas in particular through various initiatives. One such Initiative envisaged by the company is the Rural Development Center for the upliftment of rural population.

Activities and programmes of concern to  the Company consists of  Health education, Health care & HIV / AIDS programmes, Vocational training, Self employment training, Industrial co-operatives, Self help groups (Papad & Snack services etc ), Yuvati Vikas Kendra i.e. Adolescent Girls center (for psycho social support, school support, Adolescent counseling ) & youth development, Legal AID center, Farmer training programme & Agriculture development, Sanitation programme, Vikas Secondary high school for the village children to name a few.

We also think it as our duty to reward our employees those who try to make a difference in the lives of  people at large by delivering lectures, holding group talks and participating in programs on any societal upliftment related topics.