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manu1We consider the protection of the environment as our primary responsibility. In this regard, all our processes and technologies are implemented to work in that direction. A clean and a green environment is an absolute necessity .To help Bionext Pharma improve its competitiveness through increased energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact, We incorporated some important measures both at the project designing and operational levels.

To summarise a few points at a micro yet substantial level following related topics were targeted

HVAC Systems
Energy monitoring and control systems Non-production hours set-back temperatures
Duct leakage repair Discharge air temperature management
Variable-air-volume systems  Adjustable speed drives
Heat recovery systems Chiller efficiency improvement
Fan modification Efficient exhaust fans
Building reflection Building insulation,PUF partitions, glazed tiles
Low-emittance windows Double Glass Air Tight Windows.
Fume Hoods
Improved storage / housekeeping Restriction of sash openings
Vortex promotion Variable-air-volume hoods
Berkeley Hood  
Reduced recirculation air change rates Improved filtration quality and efficiency
Optimized chilled water systems Cooling towers
Reduction of cleanroom exhaust  
Maintenance Properly sized motors
Replacement of belt drives High-efficiency motors and drives
Adjustable speed drives  
Compressed Air Systems
System improvements Maintenance
Monitoring Leak reduction
Turning of unnecessary compressed air >Modification of system
Pressure drop minimization Inlet air temperature reduction
Maximizing allowable pressure dew point Controls
Properly sized regulators Properly sized pipe diameters
Maintenance Monitoring
Pump demand reduction Controls
High-efficiency pumps Properly sized pumps
Operations and maintenance Systems monitoring
Monitoring of refrigerant charge Optimization of operating parameters
Monitoring of suction line filters Monitoring of refrigerant contamination
Cooling line and jacket insulation Waste heat recovery
Turning off lights in unoccupied areas Lighting controls
Exit signs Electronic ballasts
Replacing T-12 lamps with T-8 lamps Replacing mercury lights
High-intensity discharge voltage reduction High-intensity fluorescent lights
Heat and Steam Distribution
Boiler process control Reduction of flue gas quantities
Reduction of excess air  Properly sized boiler systems
Boiler insulation Boiler maintenance
Flue gas heat recovery Condensate return
Blowdown steam recovery Boiler replacement
Distribution system insulation Steam trap improvement
Steam trap maintenance Steam trap monitoring
Leak repair Flash steam recovery
Preventive maintenance Process integration and pinch analysis
Save Water  Pump automation, leak detection, reuse water for gardening
Miscellaneous Measures
Stand-by power ,computers,Electric appliances Energy efficient office equipment
Batteries                Rechargeable
Housekeeping Cleaning Chemicals Non Hazardous Chemicals
Paints Lead Free Water Based
Stationary Reuse Envelopes,folders,
Paper Correspondence Mailer sheets for inter office communication
Print Using soy based ink,recycling Cartridges

Although technological changes in equipment conserve energy, changes in staff behavior and attitude can also have a great impact. Energy efficiency training programs are held to educate company’s staff incorporate energy efficiency practices into their day-to-day work routines. Personnel at all levels are made aware of energy use and company objectives for energy efficiency improvement. Though changes in staff behavior (such as switching off lights or closing windows and doors) often save only small amounts of energy at one time, taken continuously over longer periods they have a much greater effect than more costly technological improvements in reducing the carbon load.

At a more macro level, We actively help holding Plantation Drives at the onset of Monsoon. We at Bionext Pharma actively support and fund various local environmental organizations in their crusade to make this place a better world to live in. A Better and Healthier place for our Next-Gen.