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communityBionext Pharma is committed to making the world a better place to live in and we shall strive to achieve this goal through our educational, environmental and personal healthcare programs.The Company's management are spearheading sincere efforts in acknowledging and accepting developments in areas of Chemistry, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Technology and Bio-Equivalence.

Bionext Pharma is a certified ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 company with manufacturing practices and facilities that conform to WHO-GMP guidelines ensuring that every Bionext Pharma product meets the most stringent quality standards. No wonder, then, we can be found improving the quality of life wherever we go. Bionext Pharma is also spreading its wings now to regulatory markets .

The responsibilities of the entrepreneur are not confined to within four walls of its business or its customers. The Company must also have a commitment and social responsibilities towards community. Bionext Pharma is of view in supporting several developmental schemes, road side greenery and employee economic development amenities. Bionext Pharma intends supplying free medicine to medical camps and charitable hospitals.

We believe that socially responsible products, socially responsible employee relationship and deep commitment to wellbeing of employees is a contribution to Society. We have provided employment to around hundred of people and are responsive to them and their family well-being.