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weliconOur Logo

There is more than what meets the eye when we look at the Bionext Pharma logo. It has been scientifically designed to indicate all that we wish to represent and achieve.

Green Colour : Green Colour signifies the Growth, Renewal, Health and Environmental Concern.

Dark Blue       : Dark Blue Colour signifies the Depth, Expertise, Stability and Integrity amongst us.

Two leaves    : Two leaves on the top of “ i ”  indicates Strength & Longevity.

logo-circle             : signifies Bionext Pharma is part of Larger, Healthier World which is represented with the Green Circle and Knowledge represented with Dark Blue Circle.

Font                : The Font used in our logo signifies Futuristic, Hi-Tech and the slant in the Font represents Progressive nature of the Company that embraces the latest in Technological Development and Quality Processes at all times.